hello ! Welcome to my gallery! Collector of produits Derivatives (figurine, card, goodie, ..) on the Dragon Ball universe for 20 years! I embark on a new adventure the animation production collection! start 3 years ago ! I had the chance to meet people who allowed me to have a lot of beautiful scene that is particularly important to me! I am very happy to be able to share them with perhaps new scenes for some! ! Feel free to come and see my other gallery, dedicate the entire universe of my collection (figurine, map, video games ...)

here is the link of my site https://bs4352-dbz.jimdofree.com/

I also share my passion on the world of my collection on

Youtube ! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEfApKQiIOdgqdvOZ9Y70hg

Twitter ! https://twitter.com/BS4352DBZ?s=09 !

Instagram ! https://www.instagram.com/bs4352_dbz/

I wish you a very good visit !

Long live Dragon Ball !

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9/8/2019BS4352 DBZ now open.

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Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z Saga 1 Saiyan

Dragon Ball Z Saga 2 Freezer 9/20/2019

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